While admission to Sophia Academy is not necessarily based on academic achievement, we look for girls with academic promise, who are motivated with a strong desire to learn and achieve. Parental involvement is a critical component of our success, and we favor parents who are willing to be part of the Sophia Academy community, and can commit to its mission.

Sophia introduces girls to educational experiences that expand their worldview; encourage them to be active and informed citizens; and empower them to see the world through a social justice lens.  By utilizing best practices in gender specific education, Sophia Academy fosters the academic, moral, cultural and social growth for our students.

How to Apply

  • Call or visit the school to request an application form, or Sophia Admissions Application to download the application form.
  • Schedule a school visit for the applicant.

Admission Criteria

  • Based on previous academic performance, academic promise, and a willingness to learn and achieve
  • Sophia Academy accepts girls in grades 5-8
  • Must be a resident of Providence, Rhode Island
  • Parents must be willing to be actively involved in their daughter’s education and in the Sophia community
  • Must be able to pay the tuition, which is based on a sliding scale and depends on the family income
  • Must provide a current or most recent report card

Parent/Student Contract

Committed parents make the difference in their daughter’s education. As part of the admission criteria, parents and their daughters are asked to agree to and sign a contract:

Parent’s Contract

  • Make sure my child attends school regularly and on time
  • Provide a home environment that encourages learning
  • Insist that all homework assignments be done
  • Communicate regularly with my daughter’s teachers
  • Support the staff in developing positive behavior
  • Talk with my daughter about school activities
  • Encourage my child to read, and limit television viewing
  • Attend parent conferences and meetings
Student’s Contract

  • Make sure I come to school regularly and on time
  • Be a learner in school and at home
  • Complete all homework assignments
  • Respect the Sophia Academy staff
  • Make sure I am respectful and responsible at all times
  • Talk with my parents about school
  • Read at home, and limit television viewing