Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to the Sophia Academy website.  We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about our school. We are proud to celebrate 16 years of our mission: Changing the lives of girls from low income homes through an empowering middle school education.

When our students leave us for new challenges, they are prepared and eager to pursue ambitious life goals. Student Government President and Member of the Class of 2016, Adrianna Robinson’s reflections shared with the next generation of Sophia graduates at our June Closing Ritual, speak to this:

“At the beginning of the year, we were told we were agents of change, that we could do anything we put our minds to. At Sophia, I learned to believe in myself…Sophia Academy provided me with all of the resources to do so and even a little more.”
Adrianna and her classmates joined other Sophia alumnae at some of the best schools in the state, among them Bay View, Classical, LaSalle, Lincoln, Moses Brown, and Wheeler.

According to our current students and families and our nearly 200 alumnae, their futures are brighter because of Sophia Academy. Nearly one hundred percent of Sophia students graduate high school after four years and most of them continue on to postsecondary education! Our current students outperform their Providence and Rhode Island peers, on standardized test measures and on other performance indicators such as attendance.

Our pursuit for excellence in education yielded these accomplishments in 2016:

  • Sophia Academy received full accreditation through the Association of Independent Schools of New England and accolades from the visiting team who praised, among many best practices noted, our unique and comprehensive social justice program.

“Sophia is where I learned that I have a voice, and it’s a big one, one that can change the world!”
– Imani Gonzalez, Sophia Class of 2015

  • Malala Yousafsai, the youngest Nobel Laureate honored for her efforts towards World Peace, chose to visit Sophia Academy in July 2016, highlighting a local example of educational equity for girls from low income homes.

“I have been doing lots of events, but when I see young girls, it just reminds me that the future can be bright because all these girls have passion, they can contribute to the world…So thank you for giving me the hope that the world is going to be a better place.”
– Malala Yousafzai at Sophia Academy, July 28, 2016

  • We regularly incorporate best teaching practices into our academic program and we are seeing impressive results in Math and Science. Alyssa Wood, beloved 5th grade advisor and Sophia science teacher, was recognized as one of 2 state finalists for the 2016 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teachers.

“I’ve been at Sophia for over ten years and I can honestly tell you, most of our students come in hating Math and leave, loving Math. The shift doesn’t just magically happen. Over the years, we have altered our approach to better support our students’ learning and their standardized test scores show impressive results. Now our graduates regularly enroll in advanced high school math classes; some even go on to rigorous college engineering programs. Nothing motivates me more to become a better teacher than when my students question me about a formula and when they use a critical approach to solving a complex word problem. At Sophia, Math is fun and exciting!”
Mrs. Moniz, 8th Grade Advisor and Lead Math Teacher

We are proud of our students and alumnae for their accomplishments and proud of what our founder, faculty & staff, board of trustees and loyal donors have accomplished in our short history. We look forward with great expectations to our future.

Thank you for visiting the Sophia Academy website; we invite you now, to sign up for our E-newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We hope you’ll visit us at the Sister Mary Reilly Campus located at 582 Elmwood Avenue, on the South Side of Providence to experience this enriching education first-hand. Our school is a safe, supportive environment where girls flourish; they are curious and energized; and collaboration, responsibility and ambition is encouraged – their enthusiasm and joy is contagious.

Warmest Regards,
Gigi DiBello
Head of School